L.E. Unit 8- Evolution

Flipped videos for developing the theory

additional videos for flipped lesson:
Pocket Mouse Video + Quiz- natural selection
Galapagos Finch Video + Quiz- Selection and Speciation


Due 3/21 Read 372 1-5, 377 1-4, 386 1-3

Study Materials:

Book Self Test Questions

- skip 2,14,15,16,22,27 (answers below)


Peppered Moth

Peppered Moth Update
Trinidad Guppies

Silverside Sizes

News Articles:

Bacteria Evolution
Cave Fish:

Useful Links:

Everything that you could want to know/need explained during this unit can be found here:
Evolution 101- UC Berkeley
PBS Series on Evolution

Videos to help Clarify/Review Key Concepts

Video of Darwin's History and Travels from PBS Evolution Series

Why is Evolution a theory?

Evidence for Evolution

Natural Selection



Alfred Russel Wallace

Mary Leakey